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My Sexual User's Guide v. 1.0
Posted:Jun 28, 2018 11:27 am
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2018 3:52 pm

PHILOSOPHY To be honest, I still struggle with sexual trauma of my past, but as I get older, I'm embracing that I'm a sexual being deserving of pleasure and wanting to give pleasure. Sex is natural, nudity is natural and our bodies- what they can and can't do aren't anything to be ashamed of. Nothing wrong with what your desires are. Sex isn't a weapon to be used to coerce or harm anyone emotionally, physically, or psychologically. Sex should be a consensual act between adults of legal age. There should be no pressure to have sex if a person isn't ready. I believe that people shouldn't be punished for consenting, and then changing their minds later on; their decision should be respected. I believe that the government should fuck off when it comes to what two or more consenting adults do in their bedroom. I believe women should have more sexual freedom, and that their bodies aren't objects or ornaments. I believe that not all men oversexed, and that some do want to have sex when they feel ready. Just like I dont believe that all women are demure and have a low sex drive.

I'm straight, boo. Because I dislike how men tend to treat women and I'm very vocal about that doesn't mean I'm going to switch teams. Now what type of man, the less touched by toxic masculine stereotypes the better.


*A no pressure daytime meet in public, i.e the mall, starbucks (or a better coffee spot) or over lunch.

*I don't have a car, so I prefer being picked up. If you don't have a car, I can make it by uber, but this would have to be at the top of the month.

*To host at my place, since I feel safer and have the home advantage. Right now I live with family with a religious mom and two small children (not mines), so if you can pop for a room, that's fine. If you can host at your place, even better.

*To have conversation, a massage or cuddle; I have anxiety disorder and before sex is when I'm the most nervous. Even if I'm into the guy, I need reassurance and it's nothing personal against the guy.

*Proper hygiene, a clean space and clean clothes. I always shower, brush my teeth, etc, and trim my pubic hair (unless I'm lazy) and clean my area before meeting someone, and I expect the same.

*To have antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer on hand, and to not use spit as lube since I'm prone to yeast infections and BV. Not a neat freak, just careful when it comes to germs and sexual contact.

*If we haven't agreed ahead of time that it's a casual but "monogamous" thing with both of us having been tested recently- I HIGHLY prefer using condoms. I have an IUD, but the nature of the device won't allow me catching STI.

*To have a slightly warm-ish room, because I feel I perform better when I'm not cool or freezing.

*To have water or gatorade and snacks on hand. Because you work up and appetite and you sweat, duh. Also because no one can perform on an empty stomach, and I also get low blood sugar.

*To at least go more than one round and have more than one orgasm, if possible. Of course there's schedules to consider, but in general I don't normally care for just one go around. Even if it's just helping me while I get my ownself off.

*To please each other equally; I don't do selfish lovers or "pillow princess" shit. I give back as good as he gives me. If you can't, don't expect to see me again.

*To use toys and sexual aids (like lube for example) to enhance the experience, and not to be shamed or embarrassed or denied using toys and aids. (some guys have tried to get me off by sheer will, but I do need outside stimulation that's more than just vaginal penetration and mindless thrusting)

*Boundaries and consent, and to discuss anything we'd like to do before entering into a sexual relationship. Not forced to do anything I don't want to, and the guy to have the same expectation.

TURN ONS (physical)
Toned shoulders
Graceful necks
Brunettes - not dirty blonde, or plain brown hair but rich and dark brown, dark auburn
"Salt & pepper" brunettes
Bald guys with groomed beards
Groomed beards and stubble
Full lips or well-shaped mouths
Freckles and moles
Pale, but not transclusent skin
Curly or wavy hair
Thick and groomed eyebrows
Husky/thick built men, i.e "big handsome men", "dad bods", pre-Marvel Chris Pratt, "teddy bears"
Swimmer's build, i.e tall, lean and athletic or short, athletic and lean
Bubble butts
Toned calves and thighs
Scars (depending on the guy and where the scars are located)
Adonis belts
**keep in mind, any of these in combination and not all are set in stone

TURN ONS (sexual)

Grunts, long and vulnerable moaning, groans
Uncut cock
Hangy ballsacks
Guys who pre cum
Grinding against my backside or crotch during foreplay
Ear play: heavy breathing, licking, lightly stroking, lobe nibbling
"Begging" to be inside me
Breast and nipple play: licking, nibbling, pinching, kneading, groping, sucking, etc
Nipple play and making out
Displays of strength (if at all possible): picked up and carried, yanked towards him, being pinned down during sex

Negging, begging, any form of manipulation
R*** fantasies
Scat, blood, spit
Incest fantasies
Bad hygiene (unkempt hair and or facial hair, long nails, dirty clothes, BO, untrimmed or unshaved pubes, stank breath)
Lying about important things, i.e having a partner, having children
Disregard for sexual health, i.e not using condoms
Sexually aggressive from the jump
Being called "sweetie" or any term of endearment without knowing me
For White guys, asking me "If I ever been with a white guy" or basically implying that your interest in me is for bucket list purposes


Ass play: rimming, fingering, groping, biting
Bulges, hard-ons, dick prints and outlines
Oil play - coconut oil/baby oil/lubed handjobs
Spanking - ass and breasts
Sensory stimulation: fabrics across the nipples and clit for example, aural stimulation: distinctive voices, being vocal
Parked car sex
Passive exhibitionism
Hands and finger worship (if he has nice hands)
Biting: wrists, upper back, butt, collar bone

Favorite positions
Doggy style, cowgirl, missionary, spooning position, belly down w/ guy on top
Lack of sex makes a mustache.
Posted:Aug 15, 2018 9:53 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2018 12:12 pm

I'm exaggerating... it's whiskers, whiskers that are barely visible unless you look close enough. Also acne. Also insomnia. And mood swings. I'm no scientist or endocrinologist, but it's got to be a build up of hormones. It's been almost a month since I last saw "Veggie", the vegan guy I've been seeing since May or June, I can't remember. Anyway, we had almost two days together as opposed to our usual overnight "sleepovers". Enough sex to last me? Sure. But now I'm getting antsy for some dick. And vibrators and/or dildos just won't do. Also the rigamarole of meeting some one else won't cut it either.

I guess by the time it's all said and done, I'll have more facial hair than my friend "Darrell"; whom is getting his dick wet again with a new lady friend, meanwhile I'm closing the market on chips and queso. Not to mention burning through episodes of Supernatural every night. Is it me, or does anyone else want to ride Jensen Ackles face...no? Just me then.

So does lack of sex give you any interesting side effects, or not? (great segue, I know...)
What's the big deal with not having a car?
Posted:Aug 13, 2018 6:15 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2018 4:42 pm

Came this close to a proper date tonight, with the exception of not being able to drive. He wanted to meet for drinks, and when a guy uses that phrase "meet for ________", my stomach seizes up with dread, because I know it's assumed that I have a car and the know how to drive it. Anyway I sheepishly apologized for not having a car, and he ghosted me there after.

Yes, I realize that owning a car and going into debt for the payment, insurance, gas, tag, title and maintenance is the ~grown up ~way. But excuse me if I don't want my anxiety to get me crushed like a soda can, because I freaked out behind the wheel and went the wrong way to get tee boned by another five ton metal and glass vehicle.


But really, why is it imperative besides the freedom of convenience? Why is it a big deal to pick up the woman who you asked out?

So, is it a turn off if a person hasn't gotten their license yet?

It's as if it drives home the fact that this huge loser that hasn't achieved anything substantial....and fucking sorry, alright? When I have the money, or people have the time and patience, I'll do it. Until then, their loss. Dudes complain about how women never meet up, but find one who does, and she's tossed aside.
What is considered a "fake" on this site?
Posted:Aug 13, 2018 5:13 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2018 5:35 pm

I hear this tossed around often by the frustrated members of Sexy Party Weekend Make your weekend Sexy- more from the men than women here, so I honestly wonder: What is considered a "fake"? Is it: Someone who states on their profile that they do indeed want to meet, or express interest in a message that they want to and then don't follow through (aka "cold feet")? Or is it someone who has misrepresented themselves, as in: not the height, weight, or marital , etc they mentioned on their profile? Or just a scammer, cam girl, prostitute, catfish, etc?

In respects with people who get cold feet or seem gung-ho to meet then take it back- well, people have that right in my opinion. Yeah, yeah, "Then why are you here if you don't want to meet?!?!!!??1ELEVENTY!!!q11" I have anxiety, so with what might've of seemed like a good idea, if I feel ill at ease with meeting someone so soon, not going to do it. In reality, I don't think anyone should bend to pressure to meet a complete stranger so soon. If anything, some of the people here should blame the site for the blowhard advertising, not the actual people. JMO.
People with "cold feet"
People who have misrepresented themselves physically, etc
Scammers, catfish, prostitutes
No such thing, people shouldn't have such high expectations to begin with
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Soul mate, Twin Flame and Kindred Spirits..is there a difference?
Posted:Aug 12, 2018 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2018 4:59 pm

Me and my good friend "Darrell" were talking this morning, a continuance from the night before. I found out that he procured a new girlfriend, and of course I lost my shit and tried to bid him goodbye under a flimsy pretext. A flimsy pretext that sounded sensible from my fragmented point of view.

We never finished the conversation. Of course I came back the next day, and we started talking again, to where I asked him what does he see in me? And why are we still friends? He said that "because we love each other" and "that we're kindred spirits".

That gave me pause; what is the difference between that, "twin flame" and the one no one should be using around here--"soul mate"?

I always felt that kindred spirit was someone unlike you in every way, but they just "get you". And frankly, me and "Darrell" are so vastly different - physically, geographically, culturally, but we just connect. In my mind, a divorced, white, 46 year old father of three who's a huge nerd that teaches college level chemistry and math would be my dearest friend. Me, the high school dropout, the unmarried, childless black woman from a single parent household who has never been in a place where it wasn't low income housing. Yet, he loves me and I him, and I think galaxies, not worlds of him.

Twin Flame, just someone who is just like you, except physically. The same tastes, temperament, emotional reactions, etc. Without saying much, I think "Josh" was. We're both hot tempered, highly sexual, overly sensitive, sentimental creatives with a lot of demons and natural talent. Prone to melancholy, but with charming, enthusiastic, and sunny childlike natures in the right frame of mind. We also like to vanish without notice to sulk and brood, but at least I return and apologize in time...

Soul mate, meh. I just remembered the myth from Plato I believe. Where there was a creature that was half man and half woman. It was so happy that it earned the jealous ire of the gods, and it was split in two halves. Cursed to walk the earth looking for the half it lost for all eternity. They say that's why breaking up with, or death of a partner hurts because your half is ripped away from you.

I don't believe in the last one, not from a magical, mystical angle. Friends and family can be soul mates. Plus soul mates imply that you only have one true love of your life. I also don't believe that, because why do people divorce when they swore up and down that that person was "the one"? Exactly. It's bunk.

What do you think?
My subconscious is being an asshole.
Posted:Aug 10, 2018 10:33 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2018 11:20 pm

Having dreams used to be pretty awesome, like me riding on a wedge of cheddar cheese down a river, or me making out with Henry Cavil dressed as Superman. Not to sound melodramatic... 😏

But it seems like my dreams lately seem to like to torment me. Lately I've been having a lot of dreams about my estranged, now former lover "Josh" who was in an open marriage. The one whom if you remember or care was the man child who flipped his shit when he found out that his wife was knocked up. They both knew that they couldn't afford to raise a kid, but she kept it anyway, driving "Josh" into a spiral of deep depression, suppressed anger and defeat. I saw him last towards the end of April and we spoke beginning of May. Who was I to know that he'd ghost me hard- no replies to anything at all? He wasn't one to answer texts immediately, maybe a day or two later, but this time around, not at all. I could see him active on FB, and that hurt. So few more months of sporadic texting, and I gave up for good about two weeks ago.

He's gone from FB and my phone, and I thought he was gone from my mind and heart. My dreams say otherwise. I know dreams are sometimes our subconscious trying to tell us something. My guess is that I should just be happy he's not in my life anymore? Dude was drama on two legs. I should rejoice.

I guess it's because of lack of closure and answers to questions concerning the child, his and his wife's state of mind, simply the child's name. That was one of my dreams, and a creepy one too...

He said that the kid's name was Christian or Tristan. If anyone knows, I started watching the show Supernatural lately. Day before yesterday, I decided to look up one of the leading actors, and wouldn't you know? The guy's middle name was Tristan. Now, I didn't know this ahead of time...now it's an eerie coincidence that the name pops up in my dream, and I see it in real life.

Anyway, this isn't the first time I've dreamt about people in that way. The way the dreams stopped was I confronted it head on in real life. Thing is, "Josh" is AWOL for good, and I have confrontation issues.

Maybe they'll go away on their own in time, but right now it fucking grates on my nerves. I just want him out of my life if that's what he's trying to do.
So what if I like the dicks on guys to be natural!
Posted:Aug 9, 2018 7:17 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2018 12:23 pm

First off, only speaking for myself and no one else. Everyone has their own aesthetic tastes and what turns them on. O K A Y? Ok.

Now, I was always taught that to men, their dick was the most precious organ on their bodies. Be it in popular media, or just flat out being told that it was by men. Come hell or high water, no misfortune must befall the D. Ever. My FWB "Veggie" was telling me about how he got into a very bad, near fatal car accident few back; everything was pretty banged up to where he had to have rods put in. Even his dick was in bad shape, but he was relieved when doctors say were going to fix that, too. Now not saying that's NOT important, but I'd be focusing on whether I'd have a better quality of life or not. Obviously he's recovered quite well, right down to his most important appendage. I'd know...

All that said, I received an from some guy in Switzerland maybe last week or so, same shallow praise- yada yada yada, and then I noticed his name: extremepumper85. I remember this guy back in a former incarnation, and I noticed his default pic. It was of a ballsack looking swollen or something. Morbid curiosity compelled me to check his profile out, and I almost wretched. Obviously this guy had a love affair with one of those dick pumping machines, because most pics of him were of his genitals looking like fucking balloon animals. Never have I blocked someone so fast.... This time around I wasn't aware he was still around, when he sent me an lamenting how far away I am. Yeah. GOOD. What honestly made him think I wanted to get near that shit?

Men? W H Y D O Y O U D O T H I S????????

If it's not things like pumps, I've heard about some fetishes where they inject their balls with saline to give them the appearance of looking "huge and full" of cum. WHAT

If not saline injections, bullshit like "jelquing", all the rage in the insecure Bro circles. It's where men do these exercises that are pulling at their shaft, because since the penis is a muscle (technically true), they assume it's just like doing bicep curls. There is some change in the appearance, but also irreversible damage because it's tearing the spongy tissue where blood fills the penis making it erect. I think it's self-defeating behavior, but a dumb woman, so you know, my only purpose is taking the dick.

Why do some men pierce their cock? Especially subdermal piercings- I guess if you want your junk to look Gieger-esq, be my guest. The one that makes me cringe is the bolt or ring through the mushroom. UM OW.

The last one is going to be controversial, I can feel it....circumcision.

People say because hygiene, people say because religion, people say "because it's neater", medical professionals say it prevents STDs. With keeping the turtleneck squeaky clean, that's a preference of cleanliness; if it was instilled in a kid to keep his junk clean, he should also be an adult who keeps his junk clean. Religion is a farce- why would you listen to what a dusty Bronze Age book has to say? Neatness, also a preference; when the cock is erect, the skin usually peels itself down. Usually. Those studies have been debunked when it comes to STDs and uncut penises. (if it wasn't feel free to correct me)

I simply don't believe in infant mutilation. I mean, in Africa they cut away the clitoris or sew over it so females can't have sexual pleasure, and everyone loses their minds. But cutting a baby boy's penis without expressed permission is fine. Also, having been with a few men who were uncut, the sex was phenomenal for him because it keeps the head from drying out, and for me, because I hate to tell some of you cut guys, but the dick can chafe things down there. It's either age, medication, hormone issues-- whatever. I just can't get as wet as I like anymore, and even good lube doesn't stay good when guys are intent on giving you vaginal burn.

I know some men who are circumcised will take it personal, and smack my hand away when I want to touch it. not saying there's anything wrong with cut cock, just saying it's like rug burn when you get too zealous with drilling.

In conclusion, if I had one...men, just love your body and cock the way it is. If it gets hard, pees without trouble, then what's the issue? If it's small, like under average (i.e 5 inches being the average) well, that's what a mouth and fingers are for.
Are people here this dumb, or are they hiding it?
Posted:Aug 9, 2018 9:27 am
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2018 7:55 pm

not a genius by any means, not what's considered to be smart, because I forfeit that when I didn't graduate high school or attended college. You can tell by the way I write and communicate that lacking something. However, people still insist that I , and I try not to bristle at being called intelligent. Reading at an early age isn't indicative of anything...just being honest.

I guess the point to that was, you don't really know how intelligent a person is until you get to know them. I've met a lot of hidden gems from here who were wise, thoughtful, insightful and very clever people...but maybe their profile was blank, or with a few short and vague sentences. Perhaps very common language with no proper grammar and spelling. Yet my mind was blown when we talked about things that weren't banal, overly sexual chatter.

Do some people here just hide that part of themselves because of the nature of this site? Or because of society in general? I've noticed for that intellectual ability is held in contempt and mocked. Nerdy people were picked on for until shitty shows like BBT made it cool. Even then no one likes people who are smarter than themselves; it's something about it that brings out the most basic of insecurities in people. I mean, is that why people who are likely very bright people mask it? Rejection?

Or are there just really stupid men and women on this site where breezy, snappy and clever banter is dead. The topic du jour is about how "hot and sexy" your pics and videos are. Your amazing ability to satisfy your partner in bed which is totally based on hearsay. How your genitals will cure cancer, feed the hungry and bring on nuclear armistice.

Seriously, the things that I get in my inbox makes me want to dig out my eyeballs with a red hot spoon. Intelligence is honestly sexy to me. I believe that the term is ran into the ground, but I probably am a sapiosexual. And it's not just what is said to me, but how it's said. Do you have wit to go along with that intelligence? Do you avoid making it stuffy? Condescending?

It might be a tall order for some because there's scattered ass everywhere which makes it hard to concentrate. I just rather those who are not looking for a meeting of the minds and bodies leave me alone. If I have to prop up a conversation, avoid me. If I have to dodge aggressive sexual talk, avoid me. If you don't think there's room for intelligent and sexual intercourse, AVOID. ME.

Rant over.
My bad, I didn't know I'd hit retirement age already!
Posted:Aug 6, 2018 2:16 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2018 8:28 am

This 'cap was from earlier today with this 18 year old KID; this conversation was just a segment from a longer one. He wanted me to humor him with an actual chat, and seeing that I didn't feel like propping up anything, I just stopped talking. He sent me his number, and I still didn't respond. Then he started with the bullshit above.

I had to look at him sideways, because one: I'm no one's little girl. Not even my father's. Two: I'm tired of this Dom/Daddy/Alpha/Master bullshit from little boys, no matter what their age might be. Real dominants, etc know better than to assume that you can talk to a woman like that whether she's a submissive/slave or not. Besides, I'm not even into BDSM....kink, well. Ask me later.

Lastly, the assumption about age. * sighs and cracks knuckles * Where to begin, where to begin? Bowlegged little milkfeds with Simiiac still dripping from behind their ears like to stunt online like this because they're literally underdeveloped. The prefrontal cortex doesn't reach full potential until after 25. It's like when I'm in the kitchen cooking, or doing dishes, and my little soon to be 2 yr old nephew likes to stand and babble emphatically like he really has something important to say. This is what this KID in the message is to me. A babbling toddler. It's adorable that he assumes when you hit your 30's it's all over from there; guess he doesn't know about the legendary female sex drive from their 30's on up. I don't have to do much- my tits brushing casually against my shirt gets me started. Granted the best sex I've had with someone to date was a relatively "younger" man (2 but far as maturity, conversation, stamina and patience goes, men around my age and older have that in spades.

I mean, why does he want someone like me who's "too old"? He's not scared that my dentures will fall out if I try to give him head? That I don't want to watch Let's Plays on Utube for the latest video game? That I can't laugh at memes? Maybe not indulge in the latest hashtag "challenge"?

Honestly, he should be signing up for fall semester community college classes instead of trying to scam on geriatrics like myself. I have nieces and nephews his age....GROSS. Also, his balls probably haven't dropped. I can't be arsed.

(the pic will be in the comments just in case of Sexy Party Weekend Make your weekend Sexy)
Elimination Diet
Posted:Aug 5, 2018 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2018 7:57 am

You know how when if a person is having some kind of ailment, and the doctor suggests eliminating certain foods from their diet to find the cause?

So my sister and her family were gone from Friday afternoon to just a few minutes ago. In the interim...oh what bliss. 🙂 No tripping over toys, running into children/children running into me, children blocking me from passing in the cramped hallway, no screaming, yelling, whining, shrieking, crying, cussing, things hitting my door, late night playing when I want to go to sleep, blinding lights of the hallway beaming into my room from their room and the bathroom combined, no sticky, wet, greasy crumb-ridden floors, no random training potty in the kitchen or living room, no three pans of frying oil on the stove, overflowing kitchen trash can and recycling that has more trash and food in it than the actual trash can itself, no washer and dryer heating the kitchen up, no TV blaring whether anyone is in the room or not, no SpongeBob or Blues Clues, no doing double the chores because they're too tired from working, no helping my willfully stubborn mother run after two tiny children that she knows she can't handle, no chasing curious little kids away from dangerous thing like open doors close to a busy street, power strips, wobbly tables with large flat screen TVs, hazardous chemicals, and choking hazards like coins, most of all no feeling paranoid that I might expect the wrath of an angry, tired mother if I even looked at her precious children sideways.

Best of all, I slept, pooped, showered, cleaned, cooked and surfed the
web peacefully. I didn't have the constant feeling of dread, fatigue, defeat, hopelessness, annoyance and anxiety coursing through me. I don't think I felt this way since living with "Richard and Nelson" and when they left to Texas for two weeks during Christmas break taking their yappy, neurotic dogs, and I had free reign of the house.

Now it's back to the usual: me with my ear plugs in, headphones on and some for of music or white noise to block things out. Another week of the same shit and drudgery. Fuck yeah. 👍

Can't you tell that I wasn't meant to live with more than one person?
Nobody will ever like you with that attitude! (defending myself again)
Posted:Aug 5, 2018 12:29 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2018 9:22 am

Friends have said this, family have said this, random people online have said this, including this guy as a reply to my "white guys" blog post:

Have you done anything to make them like you? To have eloquently written this post and have such a negatively connotated profile is most likely a turn off to most people. Especially when you're "color" and "size" is not in demand.

In the online dating world, we only have surface information when it comes to the right choice of people to talk to or meet. People are determined to put their best forward, even if it is lying to someone else. I could've went off on this guy, but I replied to him without telling him off (even though I really reeeeallly wanted to), but he's right- to an extent...

Someone's "negative" might be another's "honest, forthcoming with no bullshit", however. Why my profile may seem "negative", exacting, demanding, belligerent is because the some of the men here are exacting, demanding, belligerent and also "negative". Men don't complain to other men when they talk about how "no one wants me", how small their penis is, or how all the women here are fake/ how this site is a joke. Probably because they can relate or they are those men.

Me being forthcoming about my personality and what I want seems negative, is because some men don't like a woman to be a human being with their own tastes, tendencies, quirks, weirdness, turn ons, turn offs, and opinions whether it's polite, or strongly worded like mines. We exist for a man's pleasure and only that, so we must make ourselves as small, dainty, sweet, naive and accommodating as possible...haven't you heard?!

What I want, and how it's laid out is a screening process. Because some guys don't care who they stick it in, doesn't mean that I don't care who sticks it in me. About 10 years ago, I had a FWB who sexually molested me. People assume it was my boyfriend playfully grabbing at my ass, breasts and genitalia. No, it wasn't.

So if my profile comes off as stringent, inflexible and "negative" - I have my reasons, so kiss my ass. I guess that might've been too "negative" for you.

Why I seem like it in general? I have clinical depression - bad things have happened to me all my life. SURPRISINGLY, in private I'm a pleasant, funny, caring, loving person to be around when I'm in the mood to be. If you caught me being snippy, I might be: tired, haven't eaten yet, haven't taken my medicine yet, someone or my environment has put me in a bad mood. Living with family I am more often than not these days...

There you have it. Don't assume what you see on my profile is what you get- just like I don't assume you're a completely judgmental dillhole.
Ah, so that's what that means...
Posted:Aug 4, 2018 1:26 pm
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2018 5:25 pm

How true is this statement in the picture above? Do men do things like kiss you during the act to prevent cumming. I'm like the like the woman who assumes guys do it because they care a little about me and the experience and not preventing themselves from an early nut. Goes to show what I know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess now I know that dudes don't necessarily find me unattractive if they're turning their face away from me; maybe it's the faces of pleasure I make during sex that would drive them over the edge? Fortunately, if I'm deep kissed during sex, that sends me over the edge, so you can climax too. So if you're doing because you care, or more than likely not- do it because it helps us both in the end.

Are there any other actions men do during sex that stave off cumming. Would love to know as to what to watch for. Or just some insight.
I like the white guys, but do they like me?
Posted:Aug 4, 2018 12:51 am
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2018 11:13 am

I can't sleep, I'm lonely and moody - so an observation that probably will piss someone off. Oh well...

As I've stated a hundred times before in the past, and will again right now - I'm attracted to other races. It's sad that in 2018 this is even a thing that I feel hesitant to say. But then again with whom people elected into office, and having nazis marching in the streets, we have been set back 60 years when it comes to race relations in this country. I'm above that thinking, though...

Yet, in my region and state, I get that nagging feeling that it's still a hindrance, especially on this site. It's not something blatant like "no darkies", but going through the volume of non African American profiles here, seems like either the compatibility chart has X's or ? 's under race and most of the women they add as "friends" are white.

I might stumble upon the rare handful that dig women of my color and size...until I realize that I was just a curiosity. The ones that are into women of my size and color are rare if we're talking about ones that are compatible down the line with me.

Yet, it's funny how the same white guys stalk my profile over and over and over and over and over again (with the exception of the men I've actually met or talked to) without so much as a peep from them. Yes, it's probably automated, but for arguments sake, let's say it's not. I pretty much pointed out in a past blog that I'm not going to bite your head off, as long as you don't ask me a stupid question about have I "ever been with a white guy before".

I know I'm abrasive, acerbic, defensive, negative and off putting, but if you only have the surface me to go by, I'm not sure what to tell you. My color isn't indicative of my personality. So instead of being afraid to approach, and then get upset at us for your lack of initiative, just be cool and say something normal. That's it.

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