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Humpday'ish coming up
Posted:Jun 11, 2019 6:17 pm
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2019 11:52 am
So random question of the day, or is that questions, or just ponderings..

Do you make your partners beg for sex from you?
Are they in such a big holding pattern that its a few weeks or months between visits, so you make them chase you for whatever little bit of sex you toss thier way?

Women are a dime a dozen, so do you make it known to them they are just another on the list?

In a relationship beyond fuck buddies, do you withhold sex from her just push her buttons, or for negative reinforcement for her wanting too much sex?

Curious about it because I've had my share of monogamous partners withhold sex and intimacy because I wanted it more than them

Posted:Jun 8, 2019 8:29 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2019 1:08 pm
Our internet will be down till tuesdayish so I have to drive to the nearest cell tower just to get some distraction in.

Its stormy, some lightning, some rain, some sun, but managed to get some yard work done and some gardening..ie: weeding. Lol

A brisk storm coming through this morning sent me inside for a wee bit,

just enough to rub one out.
Grungy garden clothes en'all.
My hands where washed though, cos yanno garden gloves only keep so much dirt off.

I am workin on not fantasizing about men, but gawd darn it I ended up thinkin about someones hard cock and sexy hands.
Then I started to think on my ex-casuals manfur and thick cock...
So much for learning to just clear my mind and masturbate for my own pleasure. Lol

Its been since dec twenty-nine for my last good all night of fuckin that finally satiated my sexual hunger, well, for the day. .
Yikes! I know right?! I just thought of that on my drive here to check my messages.

And my ladybits are horny today, I will have a ladyboner tonight, and I will wake up with ladywood in the mornin.
Now where are those men open to ongoing.

Enjoy your evening
Finally Friday
Posted:Jun 7, 2019 2:15 pm
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2019 8:14 pm
When you are soo horny that the seem in your jeans is distracting,
it does make for a long day though.

Life has been so hectic lately that I have not had time for a long sensual jill session. Blue bean is real folks!
At most I have been able to rub one out a couple of times over the last 6 weeks.

But ya we can't all be so lucky to find hot dates and reliable partners for when you really really need that extra hand, or tongue, or hard cock filling my mouth...

But in the meantime I will be able to get my hike in, or maybe fishing. Need some distraction from my horniness.
I may stop for dinner with the kinksters, but depends if I am still in town or not by 630pm (kinda one of those times where its nice to have a DOC (dic on call) then I can easily burn a few hours sexing it up!)
Ya ya I know, men don't like to be used for sex just as much as women don't, I get it.
But I will have to look at harmony this weekend and decide on a super vanilla profile. Maybe I can find a sex positive, sexually active, kink friendly single man on there.... yes I know you have to be conventionally attractive to have vanilla profiles, but that site doesn't allow for much info on it anyway. Besides I want to find someone that sees me as a whole per and not just as a random hole to fill.

Enjoy your hot dates this weekend!
Need a new ad
Posted:Jun 6, 2019 6:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2019 10:17 pm

Something that I do to time is to read ads in localish groups, mainly on the kink site but sometimes on here and on the dating sites.

Some days I really want to message those profiles and ask if they received any responses, I want to know about all responses and not just the failure to attract 21 yr old cheerleader. Lol
I have posted all sorts of ads throughout the last years of searching for kink friendly and sex positive men, barely ever receiving a response 'cept maybe one or two from guys that really didn't read the ad or my profile. But then it doesn't surprise me because half native living in the interior of BC, there is no line up of men willing to meet in public.
Which is another rea why I don't believe all the hype around women having full inboxes, maybe the skinny caucasian women 30 get those sausage fests.

Where was I
Oh ya, ads!
I have responded to a few of the fuckboy ads on this site, but was met with much disappointment. Apparently I wasn't the target female audience for his 'any vagina will do', or I would have to send a bunch of photos to prove myself?!
Or they guy that would be super eager to meet but first send photos! Only to discover he is only looking for online play.
Of the guys that want to play on cam so i can prove my hotness, only to discover hd has no intention of meeting in real life.
So I stopped trying on this site, apparently a woman open to meetkng for nsa sex is too easy so not worth the effort.
And the few that did meet, and the very few that I tried to have sex with all completely bombed. Apparently he needs to see you as a whole n real per before he will put effort into the sex. 🙄

I have responded to ads on the kink site, more to clarify his age or race preferences. Most times he was looking for someone waaay than , or a whole lot thinner. So I stopped bothering replying to ads.

But anyway,
My ads have never netted any potential partners nor has anything I ever wrote, wore, or not worn...
Have you ever had luck with your ads seeking dating/sex/kink?
Do your profiles on dating sites bring the people in like flies to honey?

Just curious because my ads never gain any traction, but then hosting meet n greet grouos don't either.
Kink party coming up
Posted:Jun 3, 2019 3:02 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2019 11:22 am
And I haven't had the time to search for something to wear.
It's just been hectic here and our internet has been down in the evenings... any I may not even bother to dress up this time...as not like there will be single men there anyway.

Though, I am looking for a new skirt and top that will complement the corset. I have a few ideas but looking for availability and my size. Yada yada yada.
I just have a tough time looking online and paying for something I have not tried on, lets just say that a rectangular shape is hard to find clothes for.
I more dress up at home on the rare occasion when I have the time to, which is about once or twice a year. Lol.
Though I need a new professional photographer to take photos...one that isn't going to constantly go on n on bout my appearance, ethnicity, and age. (Harder to find than you think because most photographers will only put effort into attractive younger women, as they look better in thier portfolios).

As for being busy and craving sex, ya on both counts.
I have managed to jill off a couple of times this last week, both times to the thought of having a reliable partner to sex it up with. I know.

In the meantime I have to color my hair in the next couple of weeks, so least I will have fresh color for the party. And fresh color always cheers me up even if its just me that sees it.

Harmony is the next stop for the search...lets just say that I am not looking forward to that site one bit. Last time I was on there it was a very negative experience, so I hope the people have improved on it.... pfft

Why is this world becoming soo shallow, what ever happened to the good sex and stimulating conversations.
Another year of no sex and all my sexual confidence will be reset to virginal. Which I guess would be a good thing for most men because I will have no expectations for anything other than a 2min boner and clumsy touching my bits and a complete lack of enthusiasm for sexing it up.

Ahh soo much to look forward to.

Living in the boonies with no bf experience within reaable driving distance.
Thoughts on a Tues
Posted:May 28, 2019 1:52 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2019 6:00 pm
Disclaimer: ya ya I know I should look on harmony if I want pleasure and orgasms, those on harmony yes I know dont expect anything and yes keep saying if I want a healthy sex life then I should look elsewhere. Got it. 🙄

Tuesday pondering over 'living vicariously through others'
Like I have mentioned before, I often think or daydream about the kind of sex or kink that I see on my screen. Of course my mind will fill in the storyline to suit my fap imaging
At one time I had a very vivid imagination, so much so that I could be lost in those thoughts for longer than a fleeting minute. Enough to drive me to search and settle on whoever would chat with me long enough to meet up (hence why I had far too many incompatible dates and just down right bad meet ups). So I have learned to control my thoughts, my libido, my sex drive, and keep my imagination pretty plain, gelatin, and boring. Lol

One day I will be able to explore my libido and imagination once again, or maybe never, but now it doesn't bother me as much knowing that I may just be living vicariously through others. 😊

When was the last time you had a good first meet? (not even having sex, but just meeting someone interesting).

I know I need to just start meeting again...but my energy that I want to put into floats away at the thought of it. Bad, ya I know.
Rainy day
Posted:May 25, 2019 8:14 am
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2019 11:31 am
And how I want to spend my Saturday,

The search goes on n on even though I'm running out of fucks'to give.

I have been actively searching for a male rope bottom to practice bondage on, but lets just say there's no line up of men looking for kink without sex.
If I had a larger population of queer men in my area then finding a non-sexual partner would be easier,... which I should ask my friend if he would let me practice on his partner as he may adventurous enough to try.

There is a kink party coming up again, and I am hoping to get a couple of meet n greets tossed in, and the dinner night out with other kinksters. Other than that, just yard work and some hikin n fishin. Plus work a trip to grande prairie in July'ish.

Anyway, I better get on the hwy.
Enjoy your day
Wknd plans
Posted:May 24, 2019 10:00 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2019 11:40 am

Its going to be a busy one this wknd,
Lots n lots of driving, and my to-do list is just getting longer. Lol

Still chuckling over my ad for a handyman some how equaled looking for nsa sex. But it leaves me trying to fit in all the projects / maintenance into what time I have available, plus try and get some relax time in.

Times like this I sure miss having a reliable partner for sex, yanno to work off some stress and to relax the body n mind.
Or a massage.
Or just have someone to have a fun, relaxed conversation with, without having to spend the whole time deflecting his attempts at sex chat. Lol

Whoever keeps saying to "look on standard dating sites" need to die in fire and suffer the whole time.

Have a fun weekend with your lineup of hot dates!
Thirsty Thursday
Posted:May 23, 2019 10:39 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2019 11:37 am

Enjoy your weekend search!
Yanno your old when...
Posted:May 17, 2019 12:56 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2019 10:54 am
A nude pic gets no love, comments (pos or neg), messages, nada nothing zilch.

People ask why I rarely post on the kink site, well its like a giant blackhole of nothingness ever since i turned 39.
Just a few really old, really young, fetishists, or hookup guys messaged over the years.
And on the vanilla blogland obviously I can not chat about sex, kink, bdsm, alternative lifestyles... or I'm branded as just good for a hookup.

Long wknd here, busy with yard work and house stuff.

Just thought I would share that #NotAll women have it easy.
Just because you are tossed random nsa/anonymous sex doesn't mean thats a good thing, as I'm sure you have less desirable women in your inbox on occasion.
Thursday thoughts
Posted:May 16, 2019 10:28 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2019 9:33 pm

Uncaring sex vs fulltime relationship sex, why is there such a great divide between them or its one vs the other.
Are we so far removed from the human connection that we view others as a thing to do rather than a per to meet.

I know I have had to change the way I meet from making plans to meet a specific per, I now make plans to shop or eat in that area and if he shows up then good if not whatever because I'm already doing something. My time was not treated well because I was willing to meet and travel, being treated as a lesser per because of that meant a hard les learned to not make plans.
I just don't understand the race to who can stay the most detached, disinterested, and cold...yet desire passionate, fun, trusting sex.

Pondering again because #SexuallyFrustrated ...and lonely, tired of masturbating, mentally bored with dating sites. Lol

Enjoy your day and don't forget to line up your hot dates for the wknd
Wat u doin?
Posted:May 15, 2019 10:55 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2019 9:38 am
Almost broke my phone typing that headline out, but I do shorten up a few words like 'probs', 'bec' and of course 'lol'.

When it comes to connection, hru is not going to catch my attention but I also tire of reading big words full of fluff n stuff.
In case you haven't guessed I tend to be straight to the point, but I have learned tact and the take the other per's feelings into account. Which means I rarely tell it like it is and I've learned to gloss it over.

And then it comes to searching for people that can connect with me, I will let you know when I figure that out. That book I mentioned before by G. Ogden is helping me get back that hopeful feeling that there are men out there who support female sexuality beyond his dic-centric thoughts.
There are fleeting glimmers of maybe I will find him, so thats good because I have been working hard at lowering and controlling my libido, my thoughts, desires, and everything in between. My interests in bdsm and sex are more on the backburner...

But for now I wade thru the shallow waters of 'hru' and 'wat u doin' types.

Enjoy the day
And no I did not ask any questions today, I'm just pulling thoughts out of my head and mulling them over.
Posted:May 13, 2019 4:09 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2019 6:52 pm

I know I not very good flirting, though it helps to have practice but I just not into games or seeing the scared look in his eyes. Lol

I would rather just be forward with my intentions but apparently it's too manly of an approach.

So how subtle do you have to be?

Asking for a friend. 🙄

I know its all about how attractive she is but I am crushingly bored right now and looking for something interesting to read. Lol
And yes aware men only respond to attractive women, so wondering what attractive women do when and if they actually flirt with men.
For science yanno.

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