The Pool Chair (based on a true story )  

Paulxx001 61M
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5/16/2018 4:48 pm
The Pool Chair (based on a true story )

My new neighbours Diane and George , (an attractive married couple in their 40's), share a back yard gate with me, which was there when I bought my house. That gate is never locked. They have a pool and I have a jacuzzi and summer was just around the corner. We all were planning on using that gate often, to cross from one side to the other . It was Saturday afternoon, in mid May and I had been invited to their pool. I walked through the gate and into their yard, where I suddenly found Diane, alone, and naked - her legs spread wide open. I quietly sat on a chair facing her. She lay
on her pool chair, her eyes covered with a small, wet, hand towel - as she vigorously massaged her pussy. I watched her as she got wet, played with her swollen clit, plunged her fingers into herself and quivered repeatedly - all the while moaning and sighing. Finally she shuddered to her body shaking orgasm - quite oblivious to my presence, just feet away. I noticed that her toes curled and uncurled in a really cute way and I smiled. She was quite embarrassed when she finally lifted her hand towel and saw me sitting there in my bathing suit, just feet away . My cock was rock hard and I was soaking wet from precum. She tried to cover herself but her hand towel was too small and her bathing suit was thrown quite a long ways, on another chair. I wasn't much help. I grinned at her and asked, "Where's George?".
"At a golf tournament", she stammered , still breathing heavily. "He's home soon."
Later, as she poured me a tall glass of gin and tonic (but before her husband George arrived), she confessed to me, that she had known I was sitting there all along! I got twice as hard and twice as wet thinking about that. She smiled at me and winked. I slowly sipped my cold drink and looked at her and sat down on her pool chair. Diane was a tease! Yes... It was going to be an interesting summer, I smiled to myself as I sipped my drink.

Words are like meat loaf- they can be sculpted into any shape you choose.

sexyldy1000 57F  
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5/16/2018 7:37 pm

As you know, it's always a sensual delight when someone is watching you pleasure yourself.
Looks like you would be a nice, tight fit.

Tmptrzz 55F  
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5/20/2018 3:42 pm

That's a very hot enticing story loved it, I see you have immense skills I saw what you said in the chat room and I was going to respond but you left..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

Paulxx001 replies on 5/20/2018 11:21 pm:
Thanks and no worries . . . I was baked by the sun today and needed some ice in my drink. Thanks for dropping by . . .

Paulxx001 61M
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5/22/2018 9:31 pm

i'm sure there will be other adventures over the summer that I might be able to share with you . . . .

Words are like meat loaf- they can be sculpted into any shape you choose.

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