Talk about form...  

LetsChillax 52F  
4260 posts
6/13/2018 3:28 pm
Talk about form...

...don’t stop. Ever...

NewName62 55M
11612 posts
6/14/2018 4:06 am

This is some of the payoff from training with barbells.

Aaaaand...I just got hard.

partygald 36F
1552 posts
6/14/2018 2:20 am

Oh fuck hot😊
A nice mate to have. Thanks for that

CleavageFan4U 61M  
54100 posts
6/13/2018 8:05 pm

OH SURE, you say that NOW!

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notoldyetflorida 52M
102 posts
6/13/2018 7:05 pm

Looks like a work-out.

fadey66 54M
43 posts
6/13/2018 6:32 pm

you have avery nice sexy

jones8559 44M
10 posts
6/13/2018 3:56 pm

I like that he didn't take the time to remove his underwear

Leegs2012 45M
34528 posts
6/13/2018 3:36 pm

Oh Yes!! 10's all across the board!!

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